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Fine Ivory Scrimshaw Artwork Available On-line! Modern Ivory pieces are no longer available on this site.

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Scrimshander at Scrimshaw Works

 All ivory scrimshaw artwork on this site is hand rendered by Artist Belle Ochs. I began producing fine scrimshaw pieces in 1975 just a few years after my husband Charles Ochs began creating handcrafted knives. ( I use the traditional line or stippling technique. The scrimshaw on the Artwork page is worked on mastadon, mammoth, or fossilized walrus ivories.

Scrimshaw was birthed out of the golden age of whaling during the 18th century. The artistically inclined whalers had access to an abundance of whale ivory teeth which they would scratch designs into and then apply lamp black or squid ink to bring out the image. The most popular themes were the whaling scenes or the sailing ships of that era. The word Scrimshaw means product of idleness. From its crude beginnings, scrimshaw has evolved into a fine art form and has become very collectable on today's market. Adding greatly to the value of the art, is the ivory canvas upon which the scrimshaw is worked.

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